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Growth Factor Plus Review

Everyone wants to be tall, to be a shoulder above the rest. However, various factors have a bearing on your height growth and the most potent among them is genes. It is often very little you can do after your bones fuse with the passing of puberty. However, there’s always a chance.

Scientific advancement and technology have pioneered medical research on height growth. You can now find height growth supplements and pills that can add a few inches onto your stature. Among the most popular is Growth Factor Plus. But how does Growth Factor Plus work?

The Ingredients

Growth Factor Plus contains five essential amino acids that enhance the production of human growth hormone. The growth hormone plays a critical role in your height growth and overall health. It is a vital component of the significant body processes that all contribute and support your height growth.

The five essential amino acids include L-Glutamine, L-Ornithine, L-Lysine, L-Glycine, and L-Glycine. Of course, you can get these essential nutrients through food or standalone Supplements. But it isn’t it easier to get them all in one pill?

Other ingredients include chromium that helps the body in breaking down fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Small amounts of it help in blood sugar regulation and metabolism.

Phosphatidylcholine is another important ingredient that helps brain health and memory. It is also important in attention span faculties.

The Pituitary concentrate aids in reproduction, health, and growth. It also improves metabolism for better extraction of energy from the food.

Another important ingredient is Colostrum which acts as a potent antibody to protect you against opportunistic infections. The first encounter with colostrum was from your mother’s milk as a toddler.

The Role that Growth Factor Plus plays in your Height Growth

The spinal column or the vertebrae is responsible for up to a third of your height. Your spinal cord contains 33 segments or small bones linked by strong fibrous material referred to as cartridge. Only 9 of the 33 bones are fused. The rest are flexible and thus possible to lengthen them. Growth Factor Plus works on the flexible bones to add a few inches into your height.

The ingredients on Growth Factor Plus target the cartilage between these bones making it longer and thus contributing to height growth. However, we must insist that it is a possibility and instead not carved in stone. As such, it may work on some people and not others. But if the highly publicized user testimonials are to go by, then we can say that Growth Factor Plus may actually work.

And apart from the cartilage in your spinal column, the cartilage on your kneecaps can also contribute to your height growth. Mostly, it can thicken and remodel, adding a few inches to the height.

Cartilage is an important material in the bone formation. It is commonly present in fetuses and transforms into bones over time. Osteoclasts and osteoblasts are two types of bone cells that make up the process of remodeling and bone regeneration possible.

Maximizing Height Growth with Growth Factor Plus

While the Growth Factor Plus supplements may be sufficient on their own, you can enhance height growth by using them together with the following actions.

Getting enough rest

Optimal production of human growth hormone happens when you are fast asleep. It is during this time that you recuperate, and bone cells increase. In the absence of enough sleep, the active ingredients in Growth Factor Plus may not work well. You see, the supplements do not work on their own to directly influence your height but instead provides the necessary ingredients your body needs to enhance human growth hormone production.

Stretching exercises

Such factors as being overweight, adopting the wrong posture and aging can lead to shortened height. Stretching exercises can cause height increase even though temporary. Combining both Growth Factor Plus pills and stretching exercises like hanging on a pole or monkey bar can quicken the height growth process.

Other helpful stretching exercises include the cobra pose and a variety of yoga exercises. You might want to avoid spine compression exercises such as heavy weightlifting, but this is yet to be supported by research.